General Questions

Why Deals by Email?

💌 The Magic of Shipiloo Insider “Deals by Email”

Joining our email list is like getting a golden ticket to savings land. Exclusive deals, tailored recommendations, and the biggest discounts await!

  1. Subscribe & Express: Tell us what you like, and we’ll find the best deals for you.
  2. Receive Exclusive Deals: Our email subscribers get the first pick on the best deals.
  3. Shop & Save: Enjoy massive savings and be part of a community that’s reshaping shopping.

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🌟 In a Nutshell

  • Member-Driven Discounts: You tell us what you want, we get it for you at the best price.
  • Quality Assurance: Trusted brands, no compromise.
  • Transparent Savings: We show you exactly how much you save.
  • Reducing Waste: Save money while saving the planet.
  • Urgency of Now: Special offers and discounts are always around the corner. Don’t miss out!

So, Where Do Our Groceries Deals Come From?

  1. Overstocked Goods: At times, stores overestimate their needs and order excessively. What they can’t sell becomes an opportunity for our shoppers!
  2. Packaging Changes: When brands decide to revamp their packaging, the old design gets phased out. This transition can lead to great deals for you.
  3. Seasonal Items: Some products are designed for specific seasons or holidays. But why should their appeal be limited? Enjoy seasonal favorites any time of the year!
  4. Bulk Buy Items: These are items that our members commit to purchasing. By buying in bulk, we can offer them at a reduced price.

How can I get the best deals at Shipiloo?

In the past years our  enthusiasts have shared tips on how to make the most of shopping at Shipiloo, and we want to share them here with you:

  • Stop by often. Our inventory changes constantly. Find out when your store receives product and plan a trip on those days.
  • When you find something you like, stock up. Many of our bargains are a one-time deal.
  • Sign up for email from us, and follow us on Social Media. We have special deals or in-store sales events, when the savings get really crazy. We always notify our email and social networking friends first when we do this.
  • Look for what you’re not looking for.  Using a list is helpful for staying on budget, but many expert shoppers tell us they get some of their best deals by staying flexible and ready to act when they see a great bargain.

Does Shipiloo take manufacturer’s coupons?

Shipiloo does not accept manufacturer coupons. Our business model and relationships with top name brands allow us to buy products at an extreme discount off regular wholesale cost netting out all allowances, marketing funds (which include coupon redemption) and other expenses normally built into the cost.

This allows us to negotiate the absolute lowest cost and pass those savings directly to our customers by offering deep discounts every day. Many of our products are priced less than you would pay elsewhere with a coupon.

You can sign up to receive Shipiloo ads, and information about special buys, wine tastings, store events, and Shipiloo-sponsored coupons via email. Click here to visit our sign-up page: Sign up for Email

What is your return policy?

Temporary Return Policy: Due to health concerns regarding COVID-19, refunds or exchanges will not be accepted at this time. Thank you and stay safe!

I need to find the balance of my Grocery Outlet gift card. Where can I do that?

To check the balance on an existing gift card, please call: 

Who do we contact for donations for charitable events?

The Shipiloo Owners are involved in their local communities and giving back is important to them.  Please contact the owner of Shipiloo to make your request for local sponsorships and donations: Store Locator

Who do I contact about Public Relations?

ou can contact our Support:

I have a feedback on a recent store experience. How can I contact you?

Each store is independently operated and customer service feedback is handled directly by the owners. Please feel free to contact the store directly. For the contact information of the local store ownership please visit our: Store Locator